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René Girard


The bibliographic research and reflections upon Girard’s criticism.
Bibliografie des etudes girardiennes en France et en Italie ( Paris, L’Harmattan, 2004) is the first work wholly dedicated to the primary and secondary bibliography about René Girard, especially referred to France, Francophone countries and Italy, in the period between the Sixties and 2003.
The book includes a complete and thought-out file of Girard’s work (books and articles; press, radio and television interviews etc.) and of studies imbued with the mimetic theory, in French and Italian language (monographies, individual and joint publications, Internet sites, texts published on periodicals and electronic magazines etc.).
An introduction essay runs over Girard’s thought development, reflecting upon the reception of his critical method in the last four decades and also reflecting upon the extraordinary generativeness of the mimetic hypothesis.
There are also detailed references to the most significant works about all the ranges of knowledge which are present in the debate (ethnology, anthropology, literature, philosophy, theology, biblical exegesis, psychiatry, economics etc.).